Prepay Terms and Conditions

Peninsula Light Co. is pleased to offer our Prepay Billing Program on the following terms and conditions. As a Peninsula Light Co member, I understand and agree to the following:
  • In order to start up a Prepay account I agree to:

    • Establish a minimum credit balance of $25.00 or ten days of estimated use, whichever is greater
    • Pay a $25.00 account set up fee
    • Pay the same rate for electricity including the monthly basic charge paid by other members receiving the same class of service as they may be adjusted from time to time.
    • Pay a prepay monthly charge of $4

  • I understand and agree that at the time my Prepay account is established, 100% of any existing deposits, if any, will be applied toward any outstanding balance with the remaining credit applied to my prepaid service.

  • As a condition of establishing a Prepay account, if I have an overdue account balance at the time I request to establish the account, I will pay not less than 25% of my existing balance (including any deposit that is applied to my account.) In addition, 25% of all future payments will be applied to my past debt till paid in full.

  • Provide PLC with a valid notification method i.e. email address, cell phone for text and/or phone number for automated messages.

  • I must contact a Member Service representative at PLC's business office if I want to make any changes to my notification settings.

  • PLC's only responsibility is to send notice by text, email or auto generated phone call when my account balance falls below $0.00. Whether or not I actually receive the notice, I understand that if my account balance becomes negative PLC may automatically disconnect my electric service.

  • The daily base rate will continue to accumulate even if the electric meter is disconnected.

  • Prepaid accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements.

  • Payments can be made in any amount; however, service that has been disconnected due to a negative balance will not be reconnected until the account balance has been paid and an account balance of at least $.01 has been reestablished.

  • My account history, usage, charges and payments will be available to me via or the automated phone system (253)857-5950.

  • At any time I may elect to convert my account to postpaid service; at which time PLC will require full payment of a calculated deposit and any outstanding account balance to the date the account is converted.

  • If service is terminated at my request, PLC will refund any remaining credit on the account, after deducting the amount due on the account.

By receiving this agreement I am agreeing to abide by this agreement and any policies and tariffs governing the prepaid billing program as they now exist or may be amended. I assume all risk and liability for any and all damages of every kind to me or any other person resulting from an automatic disconnection or reconnection of my electric service and I agree to hold PLC its directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless therefore.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I check my balance, usage & make payments?
You may check your daily usage, your balance & make payments at our website or by calling the automated phone system at 253-853-1388.

Will I receive a bill?
Prepaid service customers do not receive a monthly bill.

What fees will I be charged?
There are no more late fees, collection fees or reconnect fees! There is a monthly prepaid service fee of $4.00, this will be calculated out on a daily basis.

How & when will I be notified if my balance is low?
You have three options of notification; email, text or automated phone call. There are several notifications that may be sent to you:
  • -Low balance at 7 days, 3 days or 1 day remaining in power.
  • -Negative balance & pending disconnect for 10:00 am
  • -Payments & adjustments

How can I avoid having my prepaid electric service disconnected?
To avoid an interruption in service it is important to keep your account balance at or above a zero balance or your service may be disconnected. If your current balance falls below $0.00, your service will be scheduled for disconnect the same day.

How do I get my service reconnected?
If your service is disconnected for a negative balance, you must pay enough to bring the balance positive before reconnecting. There is no minimum credit required for reconnect. Once a sufficient payment is made your service will be reconnected.

Is payment assistance still available to me?
Some assistance agencies may not provide payment assistance to customers that use prepaid service. You may qualify for Peninsula Light Co. Project Help once you are enrolled in prepay.

What happens to my debt?
When you established your prepay account, your total debt was set aside to allow you to continue service & avoid a deposit. With every payment made 25% is allocated towards paying off your debt till the debt is paid in full.

How do I go back to monthly billing?
There are two options to go back to monthly billing. You must pay off your debt in full & pay a deposit (2 x highest bill) or you can choose to pay off your debt & have prepay service for 12 months without a disconnect. Either option will qualify you to go back to monthly billing.

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